Grade 5/6

Welcome to 5/6!

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Year 6 Graduation:

It's hard to believe we are almost half way through the year. Preparations for the Year 6 Graduation Evening on Wednesday the 17th of December, 2014 have begun!

Please ensure clothing is appropiate for primary aged children and is suitable for dancing in.This is a semi formal event and boys are encouraged aviod t-shirts and shorts.

Graudation Bears are now available to order for students to get their friends and teacher to sign on the last days of school. They are $20 each and order forms must be returned to school by Friday the 22nd of August.

5/6 Notice Board

Important dates: 


1st-5th September – Production rehearsals
5th September – Father’s Day breakfast
5th September – 5/6 Summer Sport
8th September – Division athletics
8th September – Dress rehearsal cast 1
9th September – Dress rehearsal cast 2
10th September – School Production
11th September – School Production
16th September – Summer Sports backup
17th September – Family Life session 3
19th September – Inter-school Rugby Gala Day

19th September – Last day of Term 3