Annual Report

Annual Report to The Community


The following information is taken from our 2013 Annual Report to the Community which was presented at School Council's 'School Matters - Have Your Say!' sessions held on Moday 19th May 2014.



Kismet Park is committed to the provision of rich educational learning experiences which promote personal excellence and lifelong learning.  We offer a broad curriculum that supports and develops each student’s emotional, physical, social, cultural and academic needs by taking into consideration each student’s interests, talents, abilities and aspirations. Our students are encouraged to accept challenges in their learning through a positive, caring, and stimulating environment. Curiosity and creativity are fostered through an inquiry approach where students enjoy working both independently or as part of a team. Personalized Learning ensures that students set individual goals, know the purpose of every lesson, are actively engaged and reflect on their learning. 


Situated in Sunbury, Kismet Park was officially opened in 1981. We have 24.8 equivalent full time Teaching Staff, 2 Principal Class and 9.71 Education Support Staff. The current enrolment is 455 students. Our facilities promote active student centered learning through flexible, functional classroom spaces complimented by a Music Room, Art Room, Library and a full sized gymnasium.


The right of all members of our community to learn is respected.  We value teamwork, effective communication, participative decision-making and community involvement. We acknowledge one another’s strengths and talents, taking time to listen and communicate with each other. Our success at Kismet Park Primary School is built on positive relationships that we foster between staff, parents, students and the wider school community.





Kismet Park has a major focus on  developing Literacy and Numeracy skills of our students. Teachers work in teams to deliver differentiated programs that cater for the  needs of all students.


Teacher assessment of student achievement for English and Mathematics is within the middle 60% band of Victorian Government Schools. Year 3 NAPLAN results for Reading and Numeracy showed that we were performing at a similar level to comparable schools while Year 5 results were lower than expected in Numeracy.  Relative growth as measured by NAPLAN was above the state mean in Reading Grammar and Punctuation and Spelling. Of the students in the Program for Students With Disabilities all showed satisfactory progress towards their goals.


In 2014 a consistent approach to writing will be implemented across the school using ‘The Writing Model’ approach that develops teachers’ capacity to scaffold and engage students in the writing process while accelerating and maximizing their performance as writers.


In Mathematics there will be a greater emphasis on developing mathematical language and the application of skills and understanding when problem solving. Extension opportunities will continue to be offered through Maths Olympiad.


Explicit instruction includes the use of Learning Intentions so students know what they are going to learn.




Student attendance is similar to that of other schools. Implementation of the ‘Every Day Counts’ initiative including the follow up of excessive absences and recognition of 100% attendance will aim to increase student attendance across the school.


To promote student engagement, curiosity and creativity are fostered through an inquiry approach where students enjoy working both independently or as part of a team.


We strive to provide a technology-rich environment where students don't just learn about technology, they use it to improve learning outcomes. ICT is integrated across the curriculum with access achieved through our 1:1 iPad program at Years 5&6, regular access to Netbooks at Years 3&4 and iPads in the Prep-2 area of the school. 


In recognition of our students’ talents and skills we offer a variety of extra-curricular   learning opportunities including Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, Sports and Academic Competitions. Over the past few years we have expanded our Student Leadership program to include a range of roles and responsibilities that promote student voice while developing the skills of public speaking, communication and decision making.


Our home school partnership programs will be enhanced through involvement in Kids Matter that promotes a sense of belonging and building positive relationships.   



Kismet Park implements a whole school approach to student wellbeing. Student responses to the Attitudes to School Survey are similar to other schools. The  implementation of local student surveys in Years 3 to 6  provides teachers with feedback about their classroom learning environments.


Over the next few years we will be using  KidsMatter as a valuable organising framework for our existing programs that  support our  student’s  mental health and wellbeing. Current programs include  Social Skills sessions, You Can Do It! and Lunch Time Activities that provide purposeful recreational and social outlets for our students.  We are also active members of the Alannah and Madeleine Foundation Better Buddies Program that promotes friendliness and caring for one another.


As students move through school they are supported by our whole school transition program ‘Are You Ready?’ This provides opportunities for students to become familiar with future learning environments, peer groups and teachers.


We utlise allied health services to support parents and their children.


To make our school more inviting we are undertaking improvements to the playground environment. This includes the installation of Buddy Benches, picnic tables and passive recreational spaces for students to gather in play and friendship.